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Who consumes digital content? Everyone! The global distribution of digital content and e-learning courses continues to grow rapidly. However, content creators and online educators face a fiercely competitive landscape to increase sales and expand their community. Managing various social media channels is time-consuming, while consumers have developed short attention spans with advertisement overload.


The AC3 Page is our scalable global application. The Page has customizable sections, which are a digital content store and the assignment application. A creator provides exclusive content for sale that excites earners. By accomplishing a Creator’s assignments, Earners are paid and able to purchase directly from the Creator’s store. With no bank or PayPal accounts needed, fees are nonexistent.

AC3 provides faster payouts to earners and lower costs for creators to increase their social media reach and sell more products. Users are more engaged with creators, earn from accomplishing assignments and purchase content. Although many new ventures claim a viable tokenized products, AC3 designed and built a platform that benefits both sides of the transaction better than a non-blockchain solution.

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