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Who consumes digital content? Everyone! The global distribution of digital content and e-learning courses continues to grow rapidly. However, the issues involving payment and security, advertisement overload and the challenge to find original content does persist. We built the AC3 network because we are content creators and educators ourselves. Our focus is to maximize content creator's recurring revenue while also protecting their content.


AC3 is the leading blockchain powered digital content marketplace. Our mission is to be the one and only trusted destination to discover, protect, pay for and consume quality content and e-learning courses. We support the creators of original content and protect their content with our digital rights technology called Proof of Creation.

We provide content creators and educators with a reliable decentralized payment system to accept digital payments directly from their students and followers. With no bank or PayPal accounts needed, fees are nonexistent. Beyond payments, AC3's technology will revolutionize how creators protect and deliver content to their audience. This year, AC3 will be the only destination where one can discover, pay and consume content directly from our digital wallet.

How it Works


Download our secure core wallet to send and receive payments directly to other users and creators on the AC3 blockchain without intermediaries and fees.


Easily purchase AC3 coins from a verified market or accept payments for your content from any country in the world with transaction speed that is instantaneous.


Find exclusive content on the AC3 wallet from creators accepting AC3 cryptocurrency. Find original content that is trusted and safe with no advertisements.


Content creators and educators that accept AC3 from students and fans are able to exchange their earned coins for other cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) directly from all verified markets.

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Please Note: Over 6,000 safe AC3 wallet downloads. Cryptocurrency core wallets like AC3 require that you ALLOW apps by unidentified developers in your security settings.

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