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Our team built the AC3 network because we are content creators and educators ourselves. The journey began focused on empowering fellow creators and educators with the power of blockchain technology.


To reach the next generation that is migrating to online content marketplaces and video-sharing platforms, we're providing content creators and educators with a less expensive, faster and more secure payment system to generate sustainable monthly income.

Beyond secure payments, AC3's multiple-purpose blockchain will revolutionize how creators protect and deliver content to their audience.

How it Works


Download our secure wallet to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world using powerful blockchain technology.


Easily purchase AC3 from a verified market.


Find exclusive content from creators accepting AC3 and learn programming, digital marketing, design, and much more right from your wallet!


Content creators and educators that accept AC3 from students and fans are able to exchange their earned coins for other cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) directly from all verified markets.

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Download Our Secure AC3 wallet

Please Note: Be assured that the download of our wallet is safe. Cryptocurrency wallets like AC3’s require that you to ALLOW apps by unidentified developers in your security settings.

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